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Driver Technician

  • Category: Operations
  • Location: Indianapolis, Rochester, Kokomo, Anderson, IN
  • Status: Full /Part time ($27-50k yr) base on skill set
  • Posted: 12/18/2015

Job Description:

  1. General:   
    The Delivery/Equipment Technician must be knowledgeable of all equipment and supplies provided by Home Medical and uphold it’s standard for excellence.   Responsible for competent, efficient, and friendly delivery service to customers in their home.  Responsible for safeguarding company assets while in their care.


    1. In an average 8 hour day the employee lifts/carries up to 65 pounds frequently.
    2. In an average 8 hour day the employee stands/walks 3 hours.
    3. In an average 8 hour day the employee sits 1 hours.
    4. In an average 8 hour day the employee drives 4 hours.
    5.The employee lifts/carries up to 170 lbs. maximum.
    6. Must be clean & neat in personal appearance.
  2. 7. Available to work evening, nights, weekends
    High school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent preferred.

    1.  Excellent driving record with Hazardous Material endorsement (preferred).
    2.  Able to function as a polite and cooperative team member with a positive attitude.
    3.  Good oral and written communication skills.
    4.  Must be detail oriented.
    5.  People sensitive characteristics with a desire to help others.
    6.  Prefer someone at least 21 years old.

     On Call:
    1.  Periodically available for non-office hours.
    2.  Willing to be trained in pertinent area of equipment/supplies.
    3.  Available for home/office visits, after hours.

    Responsibilities and Duties:
    1.  Deliver and set-up equipment and supplies efficiently and provide instructions to client.
    2.  Adhere to all regulatory and safety procedures that apply to the delivery of liquid oxygen.
    3.  With direction of the Dispatcher, arrange efficient/cost effective routes and deliveries.
    4.  Pick up equipment in timely manner.
    5.  Assist with cleaning, repair and maintenance of all equipment while in store and time permits.
    6.  Responsible for being on-call as per company policy.
    7.  Responsible for attendance at in-store meetings.
    8.  Assist with retail sales and be knowledgeable of supplies, prices and reimbursement issues.
    9.  Assist with inventory control.
    10. Help maintain building and grounds by  cleaning, painting, performing minor repairs and tasks.
    11.  Responsible for seeking tasks and informing Dispatcher of idle time between deliveries.
    12.  Responsible for observing confidentiality at all times.
    13.  Responsible for the safe operation and routine care of company vehicle’s.
    14.  Performs other duties as deemed appropriate by management.